Betraying your Values.

Sergey Leshchenko
3 min readMar 16


I came across an interesting cut from ‘The Minimalists” podcast today which instantly resonated with me: ‘advertising force people to betray their values’.

In a way, every content creator has to come to terms with one simple truth: when the time comes — each of us will have to decide whether we will betray our followers. What I mean by that, and what is repeatedly highlighted by the Minimalists (whose motto is “advertisement sucks”) — is that commercial rails of placing and advertising something in your videos are just a question of time.

But here’s the thing: if you advertise something that aligns beautifully with your core self — it will not be as harmful as creating content specifically to advertise something just to make a good buck. This is advice I picked up from Steven Bartlett, the host of the fastest-growing video podcast in The Diary of the CEO. The way this guy integrates the hand-picked sponsors is noteworthy, let alone the fact that he never adapts interviews to advertise sponsors’ items.

Simon Sinek points out that unapologetically, in a paradoxical way, people somehow can tell if you are fake in the blink of an eye. Even if you try your very very best, people would still know that you are betraying yourself and by the same token — betraying them.

The problem a lot of creators face is that they don't know what their true values are.

It’s a problem for dozens of people, but especially those bloggers, who gained a large follower base and still don’t know what their true colors are. As an influencer, you possess an obligation since you can be viewed as a role model or a mentor.

In my activity, whether it’s posting a motivational piece or trying to offer one of my services, I do have pillars that I can always lean on. And here I will list 4 of my primary values, which I developed over the last 10 years:

— Freedom. (freedom to do what you want to do, say what you want to say, dance the way you want, don’t give a little nickel dime about what people say)

— Doing things My own way — Standing out. (I work the way I want, talk the way I want, and do business the way comfortable to me. And while doing so, I try to be different. It’s something that I can not NOT be doing)

Sense of beauty. (from fashion to picking elegant words, from women to music and restaurants, from basketball moves to poems — I won’t forego the sense of beauty and aesthetics)

Radical Candor. (I told in my blog about addictions I’ve had and struggles I overcame — being open about my life is something I’ve been told to tone down numerously, but I never did — and never regretted this. By opening up your heart — you find amazing people, feeling for you and in a way becoming close to you)

Hopefully some of these ring the bell for you and if they do— like and comment for me please. Thank you for your time )



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