It’s this Time in Your Life.

A Poem I wrote for my Fellow Ukrainians during the War.

Sergey Leshchenko
1 min readMar 20, 2022

It’s this time in your Life,
When you need to Survive
When you need to stay Strong,
Can’t stay helpless for Long.

It’s this time in your life,
When you’re free to despise,
When you’re filled with an anger,
As our children in danger.

It’s this time in your life,
When you show your True Color,
As somebody next by,
Needs your help while in trouble.

It’s this time in our life,
When we just don't think twice,
We put truth on our shoulders,
And show world — we are ‘chosen’

We won’t live in a fear,
See our dreams disappear.
Our present — is Light.
Passing darkness with Pride.

We’ll take care of each other,
You’re my sister and brother,
On the verge of the fight,
I’ll watch your back at night.

Stand up strong and REMEMBER:
We will NEVER surrender,
You’re Ukrainian member!
Brave and Solid Avenger!

Being so much in Sight,
Is now part of our Story,
And I wish you ‘Safe Night’
Cuz we’ll soon Rise in Glory!

(S. Leshechenko)



Sergey Leshchenko

I’m a Proud Ukrainian. I write in 2 languages. Mostly about business and personal development. I have co-founded DexDigital. Now I develop Beverly Production.